TCcConfig Class

Component for generating replication meta-data.

TCcConfig = class(TComponent);
class TCcConfig : public TComponent;

Before any replication can take place, the appropriate meta-data must be created in both databases. TCcConfig allows you to generate this meta-data (based on settings specific to each setup), and apply it to the database. 


Here's the simplest way to configure your databases : 


  1. Setup the list of tables that you want to replicate using the Tables property. 

  2. Fill out the list of nodes in the Nodes property. You need to set one node name

for every replication node towards which you want to send the selected database's data. 


  1. Set ConfigName to a short, descriptive name. This allows you to have several different configurations, with different lists of tables and nodes, and different conditions and options. If you give each a different configuration name, they will be able to fit together seamlessly in the same database. 

  2. Call GenerateConfig to apply the above setting to the database. The settings are also stored in the database, so they can be checked, and the triggers will only be recreated if the options have changed.

If you ever need to force CopyCat to recreate a trigger, for whatever reason, simply set the CREATED field of RPL$TABLES_CONFIG to 'N' for the row corresponding to the table and configuration that you need to update. This setting will force CopyCat to recreate the trigger next time you call GenerateConfig. [ComponentPlatformsAttribute( PidWin32 Or PidiOSDevice Or PidiOSSimulator )]

Fired for every individual meta-data query. 
Fired when an entire meta-data Script has been prepared. 
Connect to the database. 
Remove the replication meta-data for the selected procedure. 
Disconnect from the database. 
Creates triggers and / or replication nodes according to the configuration 
Generate the replication triggers for the selected table. 
Build SQL statement for synchronizing a primary key or generator field, based on a generator. 
Generate the replication meta-data for the selected procedure.
Remove replication triggers from the selected table. 
Name of the current configuration. 
Database connection parameters. 
Indicates whether tables with no primary key are accepted or not If FailIfNoPK is true (the default value), then an error will be raised if a table is detected with no primary key. 
The list of replication nodes (databases) towards which the data in the current database should be sent, for the specified configuration. 
Terminator character.
Last meta-data script generated. 
The Tables property hold the list of to be replicated for the current configuration You can also set various options. 
Set TrackFieldChanges to true in order to track the values of fields changed to RPL$LOG_VALUES 
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