TCcConnection Class

Abstract database connection class.

TCcConnection = class(TComponent);
class TCcConnection : public TComponent;

TCcConnection is used by TCcReplicator and TCcConfig in order to acheive database access component independence. Descendants of TCcConnection override the NewDatabase, NewTransaction and NewQuery methods in order to provide database connectivity for CopyCat. 


Thus, CopyCat can be used interchangeably with any database access components for which a TCcConnection descendant has been written. Currently, FIBPlus, IBX, IBO and UIB have been implemented. Support for other component sets (such as Zeos and DBX) is also possible, and planned for future versions.

Fired upon database connection loss. 
Clear the query cache associated with this connection 
Connect to database and start transaction 
Connect to database and start transaction, specifying the name of the currently replicating node. 
Return the name of the database access component set for which this connection type is designed. 
Returns the list of supported database types. 
Returns the list of supported versions of the current database type. 
Commit transaction and disconnect from database 
Call ExecQuery to execute a query directly. 
Returns a managed query by name 
Lists all stored procedures in the database. 
Returns the list of tables in the database, including temporary tables. 
Returns the list of fields to use as keys in tables with no primary keys. 
Lists all the generators (sequences) defined in the database. 
Lists the database-specific keywords that can't be used as field names Any existing fields named using these keywords are excluded from replication 
Returns the list of primary key fields in the specified table 
Lists stored procedures that can be replicated, that is, procedures that don't return any value. 
Returns the list of fields in the specified table 
Returns the list of tables in the database. 
Returns the list of triggers in the database 
Returns the list of fields in the specified table, excluding read-only fields 
Maximum length of meta-data names for the selected database type 
Call RefreshNodes after inserting new nodes into RPL$USERS, in order to register them. 
Determines whether the current combination of connector and db adaptor can support use of rowsaffected property 
List of database-specific connection parameters to use when opening a connection. 
The currently selected database adaptor object 
Name of the database The exact format will depend on the underlying database type 
Type of database to connect to. 
Version of the database. 
Gets a DDL managed query object by name, that is, a query with ParamCheck set to false. 
Fired when the internal pool of database queries is about to be emptied. 
This event is fired whenever a query is executed using this connection. 
Node that is currently being replicated 
Password of the replicating node 
Get a query object by name 
Get a query object by name 
read only 
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