TCcQuery Class
TCcQuery = class(TComponent);
class TCcQuery : public TComponent;

Represents a database query. TCcQuery is used internally in CopyCat, and can also be used in your applications as a general purpose query object using a TCcConnection. This allows a total abstraction of the underlying data-access components, while still providing all the basic functionality needed for executing queries, including named parameters, macros, etc. 


Execute the query (synchronously). 
Indicates whether a field by the specified name exists 
Find a field by its name. 
Find a macro by its name. 
Find a parameter by its name. 
Indicates whether a macro by the specified name exists 
Indicates whether a parameter by the specified name exists 
Set Active to true in order to execute the query. 
The CopyCat database connection to be used with this query 
Eof is true after Next is called on the last record. 
Find a field by its name. 
Find a field by its index. 
The number of fields returned by the query 
Find a macro by its name. 
The number of macros defined in the query 
Find a parameter by its name. 
Find a parameter by its index. 
Set ParamCheck to false for executing DDL statements, so that CopyCat won't attempt to detect parameters in the SQL text 
The number of parameters defined in the query 
Properties is an all-purpose list of name/value pairs, that can be used for storing and retrieving user properties associated with the query. 
A unique ID identifying this query among all the queries of this connection QueryID is attributed when the Connection is assigned and set to -1 when there is no Connection 
The SQL text with macros expanded, as it will be sent to the server 
Number of rows returned by the query 
Number or rows touched by the last insert, update or delete statement. 
Indicates whether this query is returns a result set or not. 
The SQL text of the query. 
read only 
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