Database replication, synchronization and security solutions

We provide solutions for database replication. Replication can be useful for many different applications : full or partial data sharing across sites, database mirroring, offline data-entry with periodic synchronization… Read more here. We offer several software packages that embed our powerful and robust replication engine CopyCat :
  • CopyCat Developer : a Delphi development library enabling you to embed replication in your own applications, thus giving you full flexibility over the replication process.
  • CopyCat LiveMirror : a database mirroring tool making it easy to setup an up-to-the-minute offsite backup of your database for failover and disaster recovery : the simplest way to setup a high-availability system for your data!
Our tools are database-agnostic, meaning that it enables replication between any pair of supported database types. We also support several different transport layers for connecting to the databases. So take a look around, and if you have any questions, get in touch with our friendly and competent team. If you have a complicated project to explain, we can schedule a web conference. We have a large user base with customers all over the world : if it involves data replication, we’re sure to be able to boost your project and give you fast returns on investment.