Monthly Archives: June 2014


Just uploaded a patch for LiveMirror that fixes a small but important bug that had broken the log file creation entirely. Please download to get the fix. As usual, to avoid having to recreate your configurations, simply install the new release over top of your existing release, without uninstalling first. Please let me know in the forum if you find any problems. Jonathan

CopyCat Developer v. 3.06.1

We’re pleased to announce a new minor release of CopyCat Developer, containing the following changes :
  • Added method ConnectAndRemoveConfig to TCcConfig, allowing to entirely remove all replication meta-data (that is, the RPL$ tables, the triggers, etc) from the database. (Firebird/Interbase only).
  • Added packages for NexusDB connector for old Delphi versions (D5 to XE4).
  • Improved timestamp formatting when timestamp fields are used as part of a primary key, so that milliseconds and 100 microseconds are included. (Firebird/Interbase only).
  • Improved floating point formatting when numeric fields are used as part of a primary key, so that the decimal formatting settings of the machine have no impact on the formatting used. (Firebird/Interbase only).
  • Fixed a bug sometimes causing some of the tables of the database not to be found (Firebird/Interbase only).
  • Added FireDAC connector package for XE4.

LiveMirror 1.2 released!

CopyCat LiveMirror version 1.2.0 is out ! Users with an active subscription can get it from their private download page. To download an evaluation version, click here. Change list :
  • Added an option allowing you to specify a list of tables to exclude from replication.
  •  Added an option allowing you to manually create or remove CopyCat meta-data (system tables and triggers) from your databases.
  •  Add button to synchronize manually.
  •  If no primary key is available, LiveMirror will now use any available unique index to identify the rows to replicate.
  •  Fixed a bug causing incorrect date/time formatting for date fields used in primary keys in dialect 1 databases.
  •  Corrected a refresh problem : if you kill the service from the task manager, the “Started” label does not get refreshed in the LiveMirror Manager.

CopyTiger v.3.03.3

We are pleased to announce a new minor release of CopyTiger, version 3.03.3. This release introduces several bug fixes from the latest version of CopyCat Developer. A new major release is being prepared and will be announced over the next few months. The changes are the following :
  • Fixed bug causing empty string to convert to NULL in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug causing binary blob data to get replicated incorrectly for MS SQL Server.
  • Various other minor bug fixes

CopyCat Replication Engine v. 3.06.0 released!

We are pleased to announce a new release of CopyCat Developer Tools, version 3.06.0! Registered users can download it from their private download page. Changes in this release include : 
  • XE6 support
  • NexusDB support
  • Support for mobile platforms (iOS / Android)
  • Added IBDAC connector
  • Added DataSnap transport
  • Added FireDAC connector
  • Added new Demo project in Examples\Demo
  • Added index on RPL$LOG.PRIMARY_KEY_VALUES in Firebird 2.5+ for the sake of optimization
  • Added support for replicating tables with no primary key : in such cases, CopyCat will first look for any unique index to use instead of the PK, and if none are available, then rows will be identified based on all the fields of the table (excluding varchars longer than 200 characters and blobs).
  • Added support for various field types that were missing (ftGuid in ADO connector, ftTimeStamp, ftFmtBCD, ftWord, ftLongWord…)
  • Added TFDMemTable as an optional ancestor for TCcMemoryData, activated by setting compiler conditional CC_MEMDS_FIREDAC in CC.INC. Using this feature is necessary on mobile platforms, as the built-in memory dataset does not support the nextgen compiler.
  • Added PKSynchronization property to TCcReplicator. If set to false (the default), the primary key synchronization system is disabled, which allows some optimizations of the code internally.
  • Added Priority property in TCcConfigTable so you can set the replication priority of a table through the TCcConfig.Tables property.
  • TCcReplicator.Log is now reinitilized at the very start of replication, before the log is loaded. That way, if replication is aborted and then restarted, the TCcLog.LineCount and CurrentLine properties will be correct.
  • TCcReplicator now automatically disconnects if Replicate is called with a connection is already open, unless that connection had been opened by the replicator itself (using KeepConnection for example). That addresses a common mistake people made when trying to replicate, as a connection open outside of TCcReplicator will cause the rows replicated to bounce back and forth between nodes.
  • Fixed problem in the installer causing the components to not be installed in the IDE
  • Changed date format used for MS SQL to ‘YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss[.mmm]’, so that it works in all locales.
  • Fixed bug causing empty string to convert to NULL in some cases.
  • Fixed several bugs causing binary blob data to get replicated incorrectly for ADO, RTC and XMLRPC connectors
  • Fixed bug causing XMLRPC server to fail completely when using Indy 10 in the newer IDE versions
  • Changed TCcConnection.InTransaction property to reflect value of underlying transaction object : thus, if a connection was lost, CopyCat will not erroneously consider the transaction to still be open.
  • Fixed a bug causing the TCcReplicator.AutoCommit property to fail
  • Fixed bug that caused replication of ftWideString fields to fail when using versions of Delphi older than BDS 2006.
  • Various other minor bug fixes