Monthly Archives: September 2015

CopyCat Developer 3.8.2

Changes in this release:
  • New feature in RTC transport to allow backwards connections: the client contacts the server, the server keeps the client connection open until needed, and can therefore replicate towards the client when needed (upon initiative from the server). That means that you can put all the replication logic on the server rather than the client, even if the client has no static IP or is behind a firewall.
  • Added support for Delphi XE8 and Delphi 10 Seattle.
  • Added new option for tracking inconsistent deleted when using an RTC transport over a flaky unreliable connection. Property TCcReplicator.TrackInconsistentDeletes (disabled by default, and should only be used with RTC).
  • TCcReplicator: fixed an issue that sometimes occured during replication when¬†ReplicateOnlyChangedFields=true (cf.¬†
  • TCcReplicator: fixed an issue causing tracing mechanism to fail.
  • TCcConfig:¬†ConnectAndRemoveConfig method didn’t remove RPL$LOG_VALUES
  • TCcReplicator: added caching of PK data types to avoid having to perform a query to find it out for every record during replication.
  • TCcReplicator: fixed a few bugs related to conflict management and resolution when using the new MergeChangedFields option.
  • Various minor bug fixes.