Monthly Archives: October 2015

CopyCat Developer v. 3.9

CopyCat Developer 3.9 released!

Changes in this release include:
  • Improvements in the RTC inverted connection mechanism.
  • Major improvements in the trigger mechanism when in ReplicateOnlyChangedFields mode. The list of fields is now calculated dynamically in the trigger (instead of being hard-coded in the trigger), meaning that you don’t need to recreate the triggers after adding a field. It also means that the triggers create no dependency on your fields, so you can drop fields or even change the primary key definition without having to drop and recreate your triggers.
  • Fixed a bug causing replication to abort incorrectly after a timeout when a connection was lost due to a timeout from a very slow connection, when replicating over a transport layer (RTC or XMLRPC), sometimes resulting in a row being wrongly deleted from the destination database.
  • Various other minor bug fixes

CopyCat LiveMirror 1.5

LiveMirror 1.5 is available, bringing a number of small bug fixes, as well as a vastly improved trigger mechanism allowing to replicate changes field by field rather than by whole rows. This means that problems that used to occur with replication order (particalarly foreign key violations that were sometimes inevitable), should now never happen at all.

  The new trigger mechanism also allows for the primary key fields of the changed row to be found dynamically, meaning that you can now drop or recreate a primary key without having to recreate the triggers, and the change will automatically be detected in the triggers. This makes LiveMirror more seamless than ever.

  If you’ve been experiencing any problems with previous vesions of LiveMirror, please give this new release a try! And don’t forget you can contact us through the support forum if you need any help getting things working.