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LiveMirror 1.2 released!

CopyCat LiveMirror version 1.2.0 is out ! Users with an active subscription can get it from their private download page. To download an evaluation version, click here. Change list :
  • Added an option allowing you to specify a list of tables to exclude from replication.
  •  Added an option allowing you to manually create or remove CopyCat meta-data (system tables and triggers) from your databases.
  •  Add button to synchronize manually.
  •  If no primary key is available, LiveMirror will now use any available unique index to identify the rows to replicate.
  •  Fixed a bug causing incorrect date/time formatting for date fields used in primary keys in dialect 1 databases.
  •  Corrected a refresh problem : if you kill the service from the task manager, the “Started” label does not get refreshed in the LiveMirror Manager.

CopyCat LiveMirror v.1.01.1 released!

New release of CopyCat LiveMirror. Changes :
  • Fixed problem that sometimes occured when replicating table with timestamp fields as primary key, or when no primary key was present in the table.
  • Fixed a bug that caused empty strings to be converted to null values.
Registered customers can download the new version from the Licences tab of their customer account, others can get the evaluation version from the product page.

CopyCat LiveMirror v.1.01.0

The CopyCat development team is pleased to announce a new version of CopyCat LiveMirror, version 1.01.0 !

Changed in this release include :

  • Added a button in the LiveMirror Manager to give direct access to the latest log file for the selected configuration.
  • Enabled replication for tables having no primary key.
  • Excluded temporary tables from replication.
  • Set dialect 3 by default during configuration setup.
  • Fixed a bug causing replication to fail for ftFmtBCD fields.
  • Improved error handling in case of exceptions occurring during database preparation.