CopyCat LiveMirror 1.3 is out!

I am pleased to announce that CopyCat LiveMirror 1.3 is officially available! You can download the evaluation version here, or the registered version from your private user area. Changes in this release :
  • Various core changes and minor bug fixes.
  • Fixed bug saving database configuration data.
  • Fixed bug causing errors with wide string fields in some situations.
  • Improved log viewer window so that it’s responsive even when holding a large log file.
  • Added an error reporting module allowing for more detailed error messages and bug reports.
  • Fixed bug causing automatic┬áreplication to stop after database connection loss. In such a case, LiveMirror will now continue trying to reestablish a connection every time replication fires.
  • LiveMirror now excludes fields with errorneous field names (DATE, TYPE, USER, etc) that were allowed in older versions of Firebird and can still be present in some databases.
  • Automatically grant full rights to all users for RPL$ system tables created by LiveMirror, so that there will be no error when inserting into RPL$LOG through the triggers when a user makes changes to the database.

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