LiveMirror 1.8

LiveMirror 1.8 is now available to download! Version 1.8 brings the following changes:
  • New error reporting system Configurable email alerts by error type and frequency (for repeated errors). You can define a default error handling configuration and/or different options for each database. Error types include: connection error, lock violation, foreign key violation, row-level error, general error.
  • Multi-threaded replication Centralized replication of databases using multiple threads in a single service. This makes it possible for LiveMirror to handle setups with many databases.
  • Added update script application system If you need to apply update scripts (DDL changes) to your mirror database, you can simply leave a sql.txt file in the Configs\CONFIG_NAME directory, and stop/start LiveMirror. Upon initialization, your script will be applied (before replication starts).
  • Various minor bug fixes

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