CopyCat LiveMirror


Database mirroring for Interbase and Firebird

copycat_developer_128x128CopyCat LiveMirror is a simple, easy-to-use database mirroring tool, allowing you to painlessly and reliably perform frequent incremental backups on your databases. CopyCat LiveMirror currently supports only Interbase and Firebird, but all the other supported database types will be supported in the next releases.

Secure your databases

LiveMirror makes it easy to set up an automatic offsite backup for your databases. Simply copy the database to a remote server, configure LiveMirror, and your data will be secure. Every change to the database will be sent up to the backup automatically within a very short timeframe (usually less than a minute, depending on data load). With CopyCat LiveMirror, you can count on always having an up-to-date, live backup of your databases to use for failover or load-balancing !

Disaster recovery

If disaster strikes and for whatever reason, your production database becomes unavailable or unusable (hardware failure, database corruption, network unavailability, etc), you can use the mirror database for failover. If you need to guarantee high-availability, you can simply switch to use the mirror database instead of the main database, and be up and running immediately. After the crisis, you can then copy the mirror database back to the production server and you’ll be back up with no downtime!

How it works

LiveMirror is built on our CopyCat replication engine, and as such, it works based on database triggers. That means that every change made to your database logged to a table of your database waiting to be asynchronously replicated to the mirror database. Since only the changes are logged, you can afford to make very high frequency synchronizations : even every 5 to 10 seconds would be fine provided your network connection is fast enough. If there are no changes to apply, nothing is done and very little bandwidth is wasted. That means that you can count on having a copy of your production database up-to-date to within seconds. If anything were to go wrong with your production database, you can easily switch over to the mirror so as to minimize down-time and keep risk of data loss to the absolute minimum.

Using CopyCat LiveMirror, anyone can configure a hot-standbyalways-on setup for Firebird databases in a few simple clicks !



  • One-way replication tool for setting up hot-standby copies of your databases, in order to secure your data against disaster.
  • High synchronization frequency. Since we use a trigger-based replication engine internally, we can promise extremely high frequency synchronization between your production database and the mirror, regardless of the size of the database. For large databases that take hours to back up and copy from server to server, that means much less data will be lost in the event of a failure, because you can count on always having an up-to-the minute backup.
  • No risk of corruption : Relying on database backups or copies can lead to major disappointment the day you realize that both your production database and the backups are corrupted. Since LiveMirror copies the changes by SQL, there is no way corruption can be propagated from the production database to the mirror. So if your production database gets corrupted for whatever reason, you can count on having an up-to-date backup, always available.
  • Can also be used for load-balancing : create a mirror of the production database for reporting (or other such intensive, read-only data manipulation), and have LiveMirror keep the mirror up to date with no effort on your part.
  • Simple administration. LiveMirror is designed to be as easy to set up as possible, with none of the usual headaches that come from trying to set up a reliable replication system. Simply install, set the database paths, and run.
  • Supports FirebirdSQL and Interbase. Other database types will be supported in the next releases.


How to set up LiveMirror

To start with, you need to have an up-to-date copy of your production database. You then configure LiveMirror to point to your master (production) database, and the mirror (copy) database :   config_setup You also need to set the synchronization frequency. Since LiveMirror relies on the CopyCat replication engine internally, you can afford to synchronize very frequently : if nothing was changed since the last replication, very little band-width will be wasted. The default is 30 seconds, but depending on the volume of data and your bandwidth, you may want to adjust that setting.   mgr_stopped   CopyCat LiveMirror supports multiple configurations, which means that you can create mirrors of several databases on the same LiveMirror installation. Once you have created all the configurations you need, simply press the Start button to start replication.   mgr_running   That it ! Your master database will now be synchronized towards the mirror database that you specified, at the set time interval. You can access the LiveMirror Manager at any time through your control panel, in order to start / stop the service or change the configuration. You can view the log files in the “Configs\<NAME_OF_CONFIG>\log” subdirectory of your LiveMirror installation. IMPORTANT : LiveMirror does not (yet) synchronize your database meta-data. Therefore, any time you need to make changes to the meta-data (adding / removing fields or tables), you must apply the changes to the mirror database as well. Simply open the LiveMirror Manager, stop the service, apply SQL changes, and restart the service. If the changes involve changes to the primary key fields, you should also remove and recreate the meta-data for your database (in the Options tab), so that the triggers are recreated correctly.



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CopyCat LiveMirror is sold as a subscription on a per database basis. Each license allows you to use LiveMirror to back up one database. If you purchase several subscriptions, you can use them all in the same LiveMirror instance or install LiveMirror in several different locations without any difference in price : you simply pay for the number of databases you need to back up. Licences are automatically activated on our website (bound to your hardware and the configuration name). If you would like to deactivate a licence so that you can reactivate it somewhere else, you can contact us through the helpdesk and we will deactivate it for you.


Your LiveMirror subscription includes full product updates and technical support for the duration of your subscription.  You can acces our support through our forum, our helpdesk or you can request hand-on remote control support as needed. We also offer an installation / setup service, if you would like our help configuring LiveMirror for your needs, in order to be sure it will be dependable when you need it. Contact us for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms does LiveMirror run on?

CopyCat LiveMirror currently runs only on Microsoft Windows. A Linux port is planned , and a MacOS X port will follow.

I get an error when running with Firebird 64-bit, what’s wrong?

CopyCat LiveMirror is a 32-bit application, and as such, it needs to use a 32-bit version of the Firebird client (fbclient.dll). That doesn’t mean it can’t be used against a 64-bit version of Firebird, you just need the 32-bit DLL. That 32-bit DLL is provided in the Firebird installation in the Firebird\Wow64 directory. Simply copy the fbclient.dll from Firebird\Wow64 to c:\windows\syswow64, and LiveMirror should work fine.

If that doesn’t solve you problem, you might need to explicitly add the Firebird\Wow64 directory to the system path : Go to the Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Parameters -> Environment Variables -> System variables, find the variable called “PATH”, and edit it to add the directory where the 32-bit fbclient.dll is stored. Please note that you must use the system PATH variable, and not the user PATH variable.

I downloaded the evaluation version but I can’t get it to work

If you have the slightest problem or simply have questions to ask during your evaluation of LiveMirror, please let us know so that we can give you a hand. We are intent on fixing every bug and providing top-notch support, so if you encounter a problem, we make a point of responding quickly and will take time to figure out what’s going on.

The first thing is to write to us explaining the problem (preferably on the forum, or else through our contact form). In order to help us find the problem faster, it’s often helpful to send a copy of the latest log file so we can see any error messages. A DDL extract of your database is also very helpful.

We offer free support during the evaluation period, so we will be glad to offer you a support session if needed in order to get things working for you.

I have a feature request to make

Start by posting to the forum to discuss the feature request. If it’s something we think is technically feasible, then there are two options :

  • Wait till we are able to support it. We take all feature requests seriously, but if there is not enough market demand to make it worth our effort, we will be forced to avoid or at least delay the requested feature.
  • Sponsor the development of the feature. If the feature is important to you, you can sponsor its development. In such cases, we are open to anything. You may for instance choose to sponsor porting LiveMirror to a new database or a new platform, or you may have a specific rarely needed feature that you would like to see added but that we can’t afford to develop in the near future. In such cases, simply ask us for a quote and an ETA.