New case study !

A new case study from one of our long-time customers !


Our Challenge

Our organization distributes Christian literature through volunteer groups based in two European countries. We needed a central database to keep a record of when, where, and how many pieces of literature were distributed by our multiple groups. This database also had to be accessible by individual members in a manner that was efficient and allowed for various levels of access.

The Solution

To manage the central database, we used MySQL 5.X, with a PHP interface that was developed by CopyCat ; this interface was essential for facilitating safe and encrypted access to the database. For client access, we used Firebird 2.X. Using this framework, and with the support of CopyCat, we were able to accomplish the following:
  1. The central database was accessible by each member of each group on their local computer, even when working offline.
  2. All new data was automatically compiled and updated within the central database.
  3. Each group’s access to the database was restricted, such that a group could change the administrative options for its own geographical region, but not the options for another group’s region.
  4. Within a given group, members who were higher in the administration were allowed greater levels of access to their system.


Given CopyCat’s software and developer support, we were able to design an easy to use, and easy to manage, central database with efficient and flexible client access.

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