Jump-start training

The goal of the jump-start training package is to provide you with personalised training that will enable you to get up and running as quickly as possible. Training sessions last 3 hours, but you may purchase several depending on the degree of assistance you would like. After purchasing, simply contact us through our helpdesk to let us know what kind of training you would like : a hands-on, pragmatic session where we focus mainly on installing, configuring and setting up the products and getting them working for you, or a more in-depth session where we cover as much detail as possible of the features of our products, but may not have time to build a fully-functional demonstration with you. Anything is possible, and in all cases, we take time to answer any questions you have and to use the time in whatever way is most beneficial for you. You can order a jump-start training package on our order page, along with one or more of our products.

Advanced training / consultancy

You’ve already used our products in one or two projects, but you’re interested in getting more out of the system, or perhaps getting ready to tackle a bigger, more complex project ? We can help by providing on-site training, whereever you are in the world, to your team of developers to help them get to grips with the underlying technology and make the right architecture choices. This can be particularly good at project startup, because it gives practical examples to base the training on. Get in touch with us to talk over your project with you.